About Jamshed Akhtar

Jamshed Akhtar (born 1947) is a writer and researcher from India.

A graduate in Electrical Engineering, he is involved in the scientific study of religion for last 34 years, and has written three books on this topic.

Akhtar’s primary interest is the Quran. He claims that the language of Quran has a distinct meaning for each word and suggests using root meanings of words as understood by Bedouins of the era, to extract information from the original text.

Utilizing this method, he has presented hundreds of evidences to support non-human origin of the phenomenon of revelations. These pointers demonstrate clear presence of an evolving complex structure of information in Quran.

Akhtar claims that information, which may get verified at present, should be used to establish the credibility of verses, while that which can be verified in future, should be used as a guide in ongoing scientific researches.

A mechanism to verify the information is presented as part of his work, to achieve consensus of experts.

His online center ‘Institute of Revealed Knowledge‘ is taking up several such researches.

Akhtar has a wide range of favorite thinkers and visionaries, from Sir Iqbal and Maudoodi to Sir Arthur C Clarke and Isaac Asimov.

Apart from his interest in science and religion, he is also involved in social and educational causes with various organizations in India.