Akhtar's research, spread over three books, presents the phenomenon of Revealed Knowledge as an alternative window of information that has the promise to open unseen depths of Cosmos never imagined before.

In Search of Our Origins

In Search of Our Origins, provides answers to almost all questions on the origin of life and man.

Linguistic analysis of verses from the Quran tells us about the way the first molecule of life arose on the planet, which mechanism was involved, a probable location of this event on the primeval earth and how the life developed subsequently.

The pointers also tell us about the origin of man and his link with life on earth, how he and his mate were created, where they were nurtured initially, and where did they appear on earth.

A mechanism for verification of this information is also presented.

List of topics

– Consensus of Biblical scholars regarding Revealed Knowledge
– Possibilities of extra-terrestrial origin of Revelations
– Physical evidences of revelations
– How to verify evidences from the past
– Recording and preservation of revelations from Quran
– Terrestrial or extra-terrestrial origin of life
– First appearance of life’s molecule on earth
– Location of its birth on the primeval earth
– Life’s journey after its creation
– Why did life remain in a unicellular stage for a long period
– Possibilities of non-organic life forms present on the planet
Specific issues related to man are –
– Link of man with rest of the life on planet
– Creation of first man and his mate
– Time of their creation on earth
– Why a gap of 84000 years exists between the first mitochondrial eve and the man who’s Y-chromosomes humanity carries
– Initial nurturing of the first pair in a protected environment
– Possible location of this protective environment
– Human pair’s first appearance on earth
– First pair’s ability to communicate 
– The gift included a basic structure of language
– Link of Adam’s creation with the birth of Jesus
– Involvement of other intelligence in the creation of life and man
– Mystery of jinn and angels
The discussions on above issues, link symbiotically the revealed information from Quran with the scientific knowledge. Scientific knowledge is used to comprehend the revealed knowledge better, and hints from revealed knowledge are utilized as guidance in the scientific researches. The research presents huge quantity of complex information, which requires proper investigation.


Opinion of linguists about this work

Mr. Akhtar’s book is veritably a truthful investigation of the scientific value of the Qur’an as a source of eternal interest. His thorough study of the different meanings of the words investigated and reliance on arguments of a linguistic nature rightly point to the significance of his effort. His ability to trace the denotations and his reference to Arabic resources of notable renown cannot be underrated. On the linguistic level, the book appears to be a legend, one that even Arab scholars, writing in their native language Arabic, need to emulate. This level of analysis opens up vistas of linguistic research that are direly required, especially with the ever-expanding body of scientific knowledge that ushers to the need for re-pondering the interrelations between the linguistic and scientific in the study and understanding of the Glorious Qur’an, the everlasting miracle of Islam.

Dr Amr Mansour El Zawawy is an expert in Arabic and English languages from Alexandria University of Egypt, teaches ‘translation and grammar’, essay; language drills, historical linguistics, syntax and morphology. His Linguistic Fields are Linguistic theories, Psycholinguistics and translation.

‘In Search of Our Origins … is well-conceived, planned, and executed. This book is also easy to read and understand. It covers a wide variety of interrelated topics and expands the horizons of this field by focusing on the epistemological study of the relevant Quranic verses. The explanations throughout the book are clear and do not require the reader to have a certain level of religious background or linguistic knowledge.

Dr Mousa A Btoosh, Expert in Arabic and English, from Fahad Bin Sultan University, KSA also responded to our request. His Linguistic fields are Applied Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, General Linguistics, Linguistic Theories, Philosophy of Language, Phonology, Text/Corpus Linguistics, History of Linguistics, Forensic Linguistics etc.

Origin and Fate of Universe

Combining epistemological study of ancient text with scientific research, several answers are provided to our questions regarding the origin and fate of universe. Hundreds of hints from the Quran are presented that point towards a Super String based cyclic Universe, teeming with ‘life and Intelligence’ at different levels of maturity, and unfolding according to a ‘mother of all programs’.

The revelations also reveal the existence of a dynamic mechanism for administration of universe with a ‘Federation of Intellects’ at highest levels.

The research resolves several difficulties in the standard scientific models.

The Creator, emerging from the literal interpretation of verses, differs from the ‘man in His image’ concept, and covers many universes, spread over levels upon levels of existence and perception.

Investigation and corroboration of hints presented here, is likely to change our future profoundly.

List of topics

– Creation of universe  
– Before the Big-bang
– Development of universe subsequent to Big-bang 
– Basic design characteristics of universe
– Evolution of bio-sphere on earth 
– How long the earth will survive 
– What will happen to oceans and hills 
– What will happen to the moon
– How long the sun and rest of solar system will survive
– How long stars will survive
– Will it be a cataclysmic event or gradual destruction
– How long the man will survive on earth 
– Will he outlive his planet of origin
– Is the universe linear or cyclic in design 
– If the universe is cyclic, which scientific model is closer to revealed description
Some other questions dealt in the book –
– How can we define the Creator
– How the Creator governs the universe 
Presence of an ultimate program unfolding the universe  
– Link of ‘revelations’ with this ‘Ultimate Program’
– Mystery of the Holy Spirit 
– Role of Holy Spirit in the universe
– Link of Holy Spirit with the Creator
– Presence of life and intelligence in the universe 
– Role of ‘organic creation’ in the universe
– Presence of a Federation of Intellects in the universe 
– Technical capabilities of this ‘Federation’ on Kardeshev scale
– Validity of ‘prime directive’ (articulated in Star-Trek) in the real universe 
– Physical reality of Paradise and Hell 
– Resurrection and ultimate accountability of beings with free will at the end of creation
The discussions on above questions, link symbiotically the revealed information from Quran with the scientific knowledge. Scientific knowledge is used to comprehend the revealed knowledge better, and hints from revealed knowledge are utilized as guidance in the scientific researches. 

The Ultimate Revelations

World’s first science-fiction around Quran, detailing a hypothesis about revelations.

‘A tiny solar hiccup threatens the planet with an ice age.

Concurrently, a young scientist starts seeing strange dreams of momentous events from the past, connected to period of dinosaurs, Noah’s Ark, Buddha’s sermon, Moses and the mysterious fire, and Mary’s childhood. The dreams end with an episode in Mohammed’s life, and leave the young man intrigued. The mystic night visions prod him to study the metaphysical aspect of life.

Meanwhile, falling temperatures all over the world herald the onset of an ice age. Tornadoes, squalls and high velocity winds sweep the planet and add to the misery of the humanity already suffering from the energy crunch. At this crucial juncture, the young man gets an inspiration of a solution and presents before the world, a hypothesis about a Grand Cosmic Design…

The Design is aesthetically beautiful, breathtakingly simple, and awesome in its expanse, with its promise of the expected arrival of a ‘Message from stars’. The young man then goes on to reveal that this Message is already here on the planet and has all the knowledge of Cosmos hidden in it. The only thing required for humanity, is to unravel the coded information from it..’