Radicalization, Islamophobia, bigotry and misery, all are feeding off on each other, and engulfing countries like a creeping Biblical curse.

In this scenario of rising crescendo of chaos, Akhtar’s research, presents a novel perspective on this problem. It outlines a hypothesis, which explains the physics of Revelations, against the backdrop of ‘chaos and order’ tapestry of Cosmos.

The hypothesis identifies a category of information that humanity needs for its survival but does not have the means to attain on its own.

The research claims that the phenomenon of revelations is an alternative window of information, meant to reveal such information to humanity.

The proposed hypothesis, makes three major scientifically acceptable assumptions and follows it up with several logical corollaries, to arrive at a testable prediction. Investigation of this prediction has the promise to establish the reality of revelations.

The research demonstrates more than 200 pointers on the ‘origin and fate’ of ‘life, man and universe’, based on an objective method to extract the information from revelations; and outlines a mechanism to verify this information.

The developed world has the capability and resources to test and confirm this hypothesis, but the intense general negativity and ignorance associated with the phenomenon of revelations has restricted large scale collective involvement of intellectuals in this effort.

To bring this effort before the scientific community, ‘Project Infinite Peace’ has been initiated.

Please see the video to know more about the research